Toggr FAQs

Toggr FAQs

How does Toggr Work?

  1. User needs to insert an activated sim card into the Toggr watch
  2. Download the Toggr app from the app store to the parent’s phone
  3. Sign in and pair Toggr with the phone.

Does Toggr need a sim card?

Yes, Toggr is a connected wearable and needs a sim card to function.

Which operator sim is required?

Any sim card from operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance will work.

Does the sim need to be data only or data + voice enabled?

It has to be a data + voice enabled sim card.

What should be the size of the sim card?

It has to be a micro sim card.

Does the sim card have to be 2G, 3G or 4G?

Any 2G/3G/4G sim card will work on Toggr.

What is the data consumption per month?

Toggr consumes around 50MB data per month.

Where all can I track my child?

The child wearing Toggr can be tracked anywhere in the world as long as the sim card is active.

Can I track my child indoors too?

Yes, Toggr allows you to track your child indoors and outdoors.

Where can I download the Toggr app?

The Toggr app can be found on IOS and Android app store. We do not support Windows devices.

How many Toggrs can be connected to one parent app?

Unlimited number of Toggrs can be linked to the parent app.

What is the maximum number of parent apps that can be linked to one Toggr watch?

Three parents can be linked to one Toggr watch.

How much is the subscription?

India: Rs.599/- for 6 months. First 6 months is free.

International: $10 for 6 months, $20 for a year. First 6 months is free.

What is the subscription for?

Toggr runs on a globally hosted cloud platform. To deliver reliable Toggr services to you 24×7, it is necessary for us run and maintain the Toggr Cloud which costs money.

a) Processing location records for check-in/checkout

b) Handling WIN and community response

c) Profile management for all members

You’re buying into a living product and will receive updates over the life of the product that will better the experience, hence the subscription.

What happens if I don’t renew my subscription?

Toggr won’t work without subscription as all services are delivered through the Toggr cloud.

Is Toggr waterproof?

Toggr is water resistant and splash proof. It is not advised to swim or shower wearing Toggr.

What is the battery life of Toggr?

Toggr can last up to 1 day on one full charge. We recommend you to charge Toggr every day.

Is there any warranty cover?

Toggr comes with 6-month replacement warranty. This covers any mechanical failure or malfunction. It does not cover the any accidental or environmental damages like fire, rain etc. Buyer needs to produce the invoice to get a replacement.

What is the radiation certification?

Toggr has FCC and CE certification which is the most commonly accepted global norms for mobile devices.

Is Toggr allowed in Schools?

Every school has different rules and regulations. You can set your school as a silent zone which will disable the calling function from the app to Toggr. This will ensure Toggr does not cause any distraction in school.